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Peter Bellamy. 1944-1991

It has been said by many, and justifiably so, that 
The Transports, written in an amazing four days, was and is Peter Bellamy's greatest achievement. It relates the true story of Henry Cabell (or Cable, or Kabel) and Susannah Holmes, convicts transported, for theft, to Australia on the First Fleet in 1787 and the trials and tribulations which culminated in that historic voyage. The tale is presented as a cycle of songs written in the idiom of traditional English folk song, by
Peter Bellamy, linked by narrative passages in the style and to the melodies of broadsheet-ballads of the time.
Presented here is a celebration of that momentous album and its various live performances and to relate the true events that inspired
The Transports. It is also a continuation of both our Albion Cycle of websites and an extention of our
Wake The Vaulted Echoes: a celebration of Peter Bellamy website.Like many of our websites, this is yet another one that has grown out of a couple of webpages,which can still  be found here, plus the discovery, out there on the internet, of more information regarding the histories of The First Fleet. We hope that you'll find this site both enjoyable and instructive, and that it will encourage you to go out and hunt for Peter Bellamy's music and find out more for yourself about The Transports.

Wake The Vaulted Echoes.
Our celebration of Peter Bellamy

The Transports. Two 2004 perfomances

is a pleasantly
idiosyncratic website
that has dozens of artist profiles,
including this look at the
Peter Bellamy

at one point the only extant
website on Peter Bellamy
on the internet

Free Reed Records'
celebration of Peter Bellamy

The Transports. our original pages

The 1977 Free Reed double LP featured a virtual who's who of the folk revival (Martin Carthy, The Watersons, Bert Lloyd, Nic Jones, Cyril Tawney, June Tabor among them) and a fully illustrated lyric book and poster commemorating the recording.

Free Reed has also released A 25th Anniversary Silver Edition of The Transports, re-mixed, re-mastered and re-released with a Free Reed de-luxe box-set accolade, including all the original materials - libretto, poster, other Transports ephemera and more, all restored to the set.  For more information, visit

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