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The Transports at Whitby
Various Artists
RED 011 (cass, UK, 1993)
This was a remarkable and memorable performance of Peter Bellamy's ballad opera, The Transports, recorded by Dave Howard at Whitby Folk Festival, August 1992.
This performance was a memorial to Peter.

The Cast

Henry Cabell: Damien Barber
Susannah Holmes: Eliza Carthy
The Turnkey: Mike Bettison
The Father: John O'Hagan
The Mother: Norma Waterson
Abe Carman: Martin Carthy
The Shantyman: John Eaves
The Convict: Chris Sugden
The Coachman: Tim Laycock
Street Singer: George Faux

George Faux provided his own fiddle accompaniment

 The Ensemble
John Kirkpatrick
Mike Lynskey
Vince Edwards
Ian Blake
Chorus of 37 persons, including Kate Rusby,
Kathryn Roberts and Jenny Bellamy

The Alexander a ship of The First Fleet

The Transports. 1977
Free Reed FRRD 021/022. 2 LP,UK, November 1977

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"'Damien Barber plays a hell
a concertina and has all
the signs of being a strong,
strong singer"
-Peter Bellamy, Sing Out,
Spring 1991

fiddler, singer,
daughter of Martin Carthy
and Norma Waterson

sang the the role of
The Turnkey in the original
Transports recording and
the role of Abe Carman
in the Transports at Whitby

as a singer, dancer and
instrumentalist, John Kirkpatrick has
been one of the most prominent
figures on the English Folk Scene
for many years, and you can't say
fairer than that

The Watersons, Waterson: Carthy
solo, in two versions of
The Transports
a voice for the ages, and
 doyenne of British Folk Music

The Transports 2004 [click for larger image]
The Transports. 29th March 2004

On 29th March 2004, Free Reed published a 25th year Commemorative Issue of Peter Bellamy's ballad opera The Transports.
This consists of 2 CDs, first a re-mastered version of the original 1977 recording  and a second CD with newly recorded tracks by a cream of British musicians. Also, as is seen in the track listing, there is no one cast to a certain role as in the original recording but every song is sung by a different singer or singers


  1. Cockersdale: Black & Bitter Night (4:14)
    From the Cockersdale album Doin' the March
  2. Jim Lawton: Raking the Embers (0:33)
  3. Simon Nicol & Chris Leslie: The Ballad of Henry and Susannah - 1 (1:02)
  4. David Jones: Us Poor Fellows (4:12)
    From the album From England's Shore
  5. Joel Griffiths: The Robber's Song (3:42)
  6. Simon Nicol & Chris Leslie: The Ballad of Henry and Susannah - 2 (2:31)
  7. Grace Notes: The Leaves in the Woodland (4:07)
  8. Simon Nicol & Chris Leslie: The Ballad of Henry and Susannah - 3 (1:11)
  9. Witches of Elswick: I Once Lived in Service (4:31)
    From the Witches' album Out of Bed
  10. Chris Sugden: The Ballad of Norwich Gaol (2:46)
  11. Laura Hockenhull & Pete Morton: Sweet Loving Friendship (3:27)
  12. Simon Nicol & Chris Leslie: The Ballad of Henry and Susannah - 4 (1:59)
  13. Damien Barber & John Kirkpatrick with The Wilsons & Grace Notes: The Black and Bitter Night (5:01)
  14. Mal Jardine with Jamie O'Dywer: The Humane Turnkey (3:56)
  15. John Roberts: The Plymouth Mail (4:14)
  16. Coope Boyes & Simpson: The Green Fields of England (4:56)
  17. Kimber's Men: Roll Down (4:03)
    From the album See You When the Sun Goes Down
  18. Steve Tilston: The Still and Silent Ocean (5:00)
  19. Simon Nicol & Chris Leslie: The Ballad of Henry and Susannah - 5 (2:24)
  20. Fairport Convention: Dance: The Convict's Wedding (2:09)
  21. Tim Moon: Black Concertina (2:40)
    Live at Bacca Pipes Club, also on the album Anger and Kiss
  22. Peter Bellamy: Roll Down (excerpt) (2:04)
    Live at The Focal Point, St Louis, Missouri, 1991

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